Monique Reymond founded the Comedy Collective Foundation as a not-for-profit organization with a mission of harnessing the gifts of comics and entertainment industry professionals to raise money and awareness for humanitarian and environmental causes. In addition to her work for Comedy Collective, Monique performs stand-up, writes, directs and develops film, television and web projects. Monique’s work as a foley artist over the last 20 years has earned her an Emmy, two Golden Reel Awards and ten nominations. Monique was born in Pakistan and adopted into American suburbia.

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Michael is sort of a jack-of-all-trades writer, cartoonist, standup comedian, as well as the Executive Director of LA Story Works and the Los Angeles Storytelling Festival. He has created or worked on several once-acclaimed comic books and novels, including ‘The Tick’, ‘Foodang’, ‘Atomic Clown’, ‘Atomic Men’, and ‘LA: Heaven and Hell’.



Alan Heim is the current president of the American Cinema Editors, and has been on the board of the Motion Picture Editor’s Guild for 11 years. An Academy Award, Emmy, and BAFTA winner, he has edited both film and television, including The Notebook, American History X, All That Jazz, Network, Hair, Holocaust, and Godspell. For the last 11 years, Alan has moderated a panel at the Egyptian Theater the day before the Academy Awards where the nominated editor’s speak and are questioned about their work. Mr. Heim taught at USC and lectured at film schools and festivals all over Europe and the United States.



Judith has been an artist, sculptor, producer, film/TV art department/prop builder, and environmental designer since the 1980’s. After traveling extensively she received her degree in film production/fine arts at York University in Toronto, Canada. Judy began her career working in the art department on rock videos and commercials. Then became a producer in independent films and commercials, co-producing the Gemini award winning live music comedy show (with such stars as Mike Myers) “It’s Only Rock n’ Roll”.



ccf_advisory_maroneyKELLI MARONEY

With a lifetime of experience in Film, TV/Voice-over, Internet, and Theatre, Kelli knows the power of getting a message out in an engaging and entertaining way. A group consciousness creates a powerful energy, and when our purpose is to serve and uplift, wherever we may find ourselves, we can do much to elevate the suffering and cruelty in the world. So much needs doing. Alone, it can be overwhelming, and we may not be able to do everything, but together we can all do something, and by joining all of our talents and strengths she believes we can get a LOT done. Some of her performing credits are leads in Fast Times At Ridgemont High, Night Of The Comet, True Blood, Ryan’s Hope, and One Life To Live. The Edge Of Allegiance(theatre), SMTCL-TV, and Sam and Mike(film) are some of her producing credits.

makela_imgAARON MAKELA

Aaron Makela is a Youth Advocate who has devoted his life to helping abused and neglected children. An LA native, Aaron was given up for adoption at a very young age only to be abused and abandoned at an orphanage years later. From the age of 8 onward Aaron grew up under the care of the Department of Children’s Services in Los Angeles residing at several child welfare facilities and foster homes through out his life. Aaron graduated from high school at the age of 15 and had several offers from prominent universities to complete his education, however, Aaron fell into a different path and on his 18th birthday, he was incarcerated. After spending a year in County Jail he was released. It was that moment that Aaron realized that the challenges and pain that had plagued him his entire life were gifts that made him uniquely strong and special. Aaron was compelled to share these gifts with others like him, so that perhaps they too could turn there pain into something meaningful and productive.
Shortly, thereafter Aaron began painting seriously and was able to sell his work to raise money to go to Art School. He attended the Art Institute of Los Angeles where he earned his BA in Graphic Design. Aaron has shown work at Bergamot Station, Quixote Studios and several small galleries. He is also a Founding Partner/Art Director of a small boutique design and print firm based in Los Angeles. Through all of his success Aaron has never forgotten his roots and is committed to improving the lives of abused and neglected children. Aaron has been invited to speak at some of the oldest and most distinguished child welfare organizations in Los Angeles such as Hollygrove, Pacific Lodge, Children of the Night and Covenant House with which he also serves on the Board of Directors.

Morris_imgSAM MORRIS

Sam Morris is a music composer, producer, and educator living in Los Angeles. His music has been used on television shows such as Ellen DeGeneres, Trya, Extra, TMZ, The Bonnie Hunt Show, Modern Marvels, and others. He is currently composing the soundtrack to a film entitled ‘Off the Hook’. He is also a strong advocate for people living with disabilities. Being paraplegic since 1999, Morris has conducted presentations in schools and physical rehabilitation centers to help bring awareness to the realities of living with a disability and on how to overcome the victim mentality. In addition to Morris’ career in music, he has also worked as a volunteer ski instructor for the Telluride Adaptive Sports Program in Telluride, CO, teaching individuals with both physical and cognitive disabilities how to ski.

Sam is the founder and owner of Zen Warrior Training, a personal development business dedicated to helping people to achieve self-mastery.


Dr. Eletreby has been the Head of School for New Horizon School, Irvine for 11 years and an educator for over 25 years. She is an American Muslim of Egyptian descent who was raised in the two religiously and culturally different worlds of home and school. She brings with her a unique perspective that allows for new insights into teaching and research as it relates to being a Muslim youth within the context of the United States. Her research focus includes the study of American Muslim identity as it relates to communities, families, and the schools that serve them. Her research goals aim at understanding how the sociocultural and sociopolitical contexts under which American Muslim children learn impacts their opportunities for success and their ability to gain access to institutions of power within our society. Dr. Eletreby received her Ph.D. in Education from Chapman University and has been teaching at the Master’s level there on a part-time basis. She has presented papers at numerous state and national conferences on such topics as Self-Determination, Critical Pedagogy, and Culturally Responsive Research Methodology.


Injustice, global warming, women’s rights and animal cruelty are some of the subjects Mary Kay Stam, a Los Angleles fine artist, art director, graphic designer and author addresses in her fine art projects as well as graphic design. She splits her time between making a living as a designer and writer and making fine art and donating her services to various non profits. As a board member of Comedy Collective Mary Kay donates her talent to the causes they support as well as Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, New Leash On Life and various other non-profit organizations. She shows at Linus Gallery and other local venues.