You may have noticed our innovative approach.
We do not use guilt or depressing imagery in our fundraising efforts. Please help us keep the good vibes going. We give you a break and you need not break the bank. Donations in support of our TRUTHBREAK videos will keep us afloat.

Your cause is our cause because we will donate 80% of the proceeds to help the worthiest of causes. We have raised thousands for non-profits including the Red Cross, Orangutan Republik and the Peace Project.

Your donations will cause laughter, lightheartedness, swelling of joy, and increase in intellect.

May cure pomposity, religious fanaticism, insanity, moral seizures, hysterical blindness, stupidity, selective amnesia, grandiose delusions, and general douchbaggery.

If hysterics last more than 24 hours consult a doctor or somnambulist.