Drew Lynch is an hilarious comedian

Sometime after moving to Los Angeles, Drew was hit in the throat causing some vocal trauma. The injury changed his life–as he was on his way to becoming an actor–and had to re-think a few things. He began writing and performing stand up, bringing to life the social hardships of dealing with a newly-found speech impediment. Inspired by Louis C.K. and Bo Burnham, Drew is now on a mission to make you laugh. I’ve done a few of the little shows here and there with him in the lineup (I believe this was before he went on to America’s Got Talent), and he was simply a lovely human being. Very sweet and humble… and hilarious. I’m sure he’s a monster now (he’s not).

Duggan_imgMichael Patrick Duggan is a writer, cartoonist, storyteller, and member of the Comedy Collective Foundation. Follow him on Twitter, if that’s your thing.

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