Frog Island is sketch comedy that I would actually watch

Frog Island Comedy. Oh man, where to begin with the collective genius of this group? According to their Facebook page, they are an LA-based comedy troupe who make people laugh while addressing socially relevant issues such as politics, racism, the environment, muppets, transvestites and dick jokes. Over the last nine years or so, they’ve won awards (Independent Television Festival award winner and multiple challenge winners in NBC’s It’s Your Show Contest) and have a spectacular selection of videos on their YouTube Channel (note to those easily offended by off-color talk and zombies, blah blah blah, etc).

Here’s the first video that I ever saw from Frog Island Comedy. Being an old-timey comic dork, it holds a special place in my heart. But you should also check out their channel, because there’s just so much great stuff there. Anyhoo carry on with:

Frog Island is (in alphabetical order): Cooper Barnes, David Craze, Ryan Fox, Chuck Ganchorre, Indira Gibson, Walter Harris, Tara Shea and Liz Stewart.

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