Marisol’s New Name

Marisol Medina is a brilliant comedian/actress/storyteller, who did her time at the Groundlings, UCB, scored a spot in the now defunct L.A. Latino International Film Festival and was a runner-up to the Desi Arnaz Screenwriting Fellowship… and is an overall wonderful human being. I’m always glad when I get to tell people that she is my friend.

So… funny story… a few years ago she decided to try changing her name for a while. It was a career-driven choice; she wanted to get parts as an actress and hoped that a slightly less, shall we say… ethnic name might work in her favor. As it happened, it worked. But it got complicated. And finally she changed her name back.

In the meantime, she filmed a series of HILARIOUS videos to chart the adventure. Here’s one of them:

If you’d like to learn more about the genius of Marisol, check out her website at

Marisol’s friend is the great Jayne Entwistle (the voice of Flavia DeLuce no less on, and you can learn more about her here:

And enjoy the videos. We sure did!

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