The Way Black – Inappropriate Crush

The Way Black is a series of hilarious and thought-provoking YouTube videos principally performed by Alex Alexander and Miss Chloé LaFond. The idea came to Alex while going through a difficult time in life and whenever she would confide in or consult Chloe she not only made her laugh and made her feel like all things were possible–but she conveyed her message with what they refer to as “Chloeisms.” For example: “If YOU would eat the buffet that you are serving up, trust and believe there will be a line. All you have to do is make and distribute the flyers.” As a producer of many projects, Alex realized that she had to get this out to the world. Not only does everyone deserve a chance to experience Chloe, but this idea can never be “borrowed” or duplicated because no one else is or has Chloe

For more of The Way Black, check out their YouTube Channel here.

About the performers:

M. Chloe LaFond, an L.A. Native, had no idea that the lessons learned at the knees of her ancestors would plant the seeds that would later emerge as a passion for creating unique and re-imagined accessories and crafts. “My entire family is from Haiti, one of the poorest countries in the world. It was important to develop the ability to create. Whether it be to satisfy a need, to indulge a desire, to build a future, or to preserve a memory, making somethings out of nothings is an unsung skill.”
To “keep her mind and hands busy,” her education and love of making “stuff” began before the age of five. Teachers were right under her roof – her father, a master mechanic, taught her to view and approach projects with a mechanical eye, to deconstruct, reconstruct and replicate. Her uncles introduced her to the wonders of the sewing machine and the beauty in drawing and painting. Her grandmother, gave her the gift of baking, intuition, and the audacity to conjure her heart’s desire. Her mother, taught her son and daughter to crochet (her favorite) and knit. This instilled the idea that if we can’t afford it, make your own and make it your own. An individualist was born!

Alex Alexander’s acting work can be seen on reruns of such acclaimed shows as Grey’s Anatomy, ER, Without a Trace, Shameless, Justified and How to Get Away with Murder. Actually, not shows LIKE those shows but those actual shows and other shows just as impressive that she has chosen to omit for the sake of brevity and humility. Alex just launched her web series starring Chloe Lafond, The Way Black, January 2016. Alex is never not involved in some sort of self produced project and fully understands the comedic value of double negatives.

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